Doctors  Interface  Project  Details

We have dealt with 577 students, trained them and they are now settled in abroad. We are maintaining a financial balance form the dawn of business and will continue doing the same. Till now, we have not received any obligations from any concerned person who avails of our services. Hence, we can safely say that our team is doing a commendable job.

You would be glad to know that we are also conducting State and Central Government job coaching’s in different districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

We understand that keeping the flow in business growth and the constant search for extremely talented individuals has become challenging than ever. This is where Doctors Interface plays it’s part and brings the best-suited talents for your company.

All of our resources are multifaceted and have always made us proud with excellent performance. We appreciate the experience that our candidates gain from Medical and Para-Medical Trainings and various industries. We specialize in the following industries domain:

  • Healthcare
  • Trainings
  • Certificate course
  • Local and International placements
  • Startup hiring.

WHY Doctors Interface

Our recruiters are exceptionally skilled in identifying top talent around the globe that matches your company’s profile. We have a 90% success ratio for every open position we partner for. We work hard to keep your best interest.


Recruitment Services - We provide the best possible talent for your full-time hiring needs without making your pockets empty. We assure you to find the most suited candidate for the job role you are offering.

Consulting services – We not just only provide you the best-suited candidates but also take care of all the hassles related to it like payroll, taxes and time tracking. We do a proper background check of the candidates to meet our client’s satisfaction.

  • Training Services – We provide excellent training for different license exams. Especially, for doctors and paramedical professionals, we held regular and crash courses. If everything goes well they can be hired as a full-time professional as well.
  • Certificate training programs – Basic life support, advanced basic life support, teachers training programs, first aid. These are the certificate courses we are offering to our potential students.


We are always in search of talents. Our only mission is to fulfill the requirement of our client and create a network of extremely talented people so that we built a strong workforce


  • 1. Being ethical in any field we work is our top priority
  • 2.Treat everyone equally with the respect they deserve
  • 3. Top-notch service.


  • 1. Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme
  • 2.Authorised Node of IELTS IDP Australia
  • 3. Official training centre of Pearson for PTE-Academic


Cases of Success

Doctors Interface is a boutique Training academy and staffing company located in Hyderabad. Doctors Interface has been immensely successful in conducting advance and excellent Regular and crash training programs for Medical and Para- Medical professionals and creating a network of highly adept intelligent workforce that can help a company achieve their goals since five years.